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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write\talk about things that will help me and the World learn about the importance of SELF CARE! So, in 2016, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness about Massage and Wellness!!
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog with your inner circle of people you LOVE & CARE about.....
so each one,  can reach one!!
"When you FEEL GOOD......You DO GOOD!
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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that will help me and the World learn about the importance of SELF CARE! So, in 2016, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness about Massage and Wellness!!
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog with your circle of people you LOVE & CARE about.....so each one,  can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD......You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Inegbenebo, LMT, HHP, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio
I think it is important to me, as a Holistic Health Practitioner, to speak truth into the World, that ALL people can breathe in.  In the United States of America, we are suffering thru some turbolent times regarding Race Relations, because in my opinion, WE, the People, have not been able to speak truth about what INJUSTICE really means and how that plays into Emotional Wellness. 
My favorite Orator, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was so eloquent when he stated that.... "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!" But, more profound were his words, when he stated....."We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now!" Globally and Nationally.....this is becoming SO TRUE....WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT NOW!!  I recently posted on Facebook to vent my anger, hurt and sadness about the VIOLENCE taking place across the World, but more close to me, here in the United States. Violence has taken innocent lives.....BLACK AND WHITE!!! SO...As painful as it seems.....NOW, WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT! The Tipping Point is sweeping the country and the rage is degrading the emotional wellness for many people.  I do not want to contribute to the fury taking place and I want to speak my mind and offer a different view!!  The toll of hurt and pain is high and no matter what side you are on, it is time that we individually make a CHOICE to practice and keep our EMOTIONAL WELLNESS in top shape during these times!  It is our choice! So, I want to explore and share with the World, HOW we all can have Mindfullness in our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT during these turbulent times.
When I look at the definition of Emotional Wellness, I choose to define it as that dimension that is focused on wellness which involves putting the mirror up to SELF, developing focused awareness and acceptance of our deepest feelings. When people are considered to be emotionally well people, they are able to express feelings freely, debate with integrity, along with managing those very same feelings effectively by taking a look within, what I like to call...."Putting the Mirror up to SELF".  Emotional Wellness is a state of mind that is PRACTICED, it IS a constant process of individual change and personal growth. When your Emotional Wellness is balanced and in peak formation, you can maintain many different types of relationships, take on and deal with conflict, all the while remaining grounded in your spirit, even during stressful times. You are able to look at yourself and understand your greatness and your weakness....working to make weakness become a strength over time!
Here are some TIPS to practice and explore that enhance emotional wellness:
  • Understand that every person has a different story of their life...good, bad or ugly!
  • Try to walk in the shoes of those less fortunate than yourself...it promotes humility.
  • DO NOT live a life of IGNORANCE. Learn about diverse people.
  • Remember.....Do not LIVE in the PAST.....YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT.
  • LIVE THROUGH YOUR DREAMS....It will take you a long way.
  • Know that everyday is a.....NEW DAY...TO GET IT RIGHT.
  • Take responsibility for your individual behaviors and actions...knowing that all you do may affect many.
  • Learn to be more aware of your feelings through self-reflection, journaling meditation and/or other spiritual practices that serve you well.
  • Accept that your feelings are real....rather than denying them
  • Understand and be open to the feelings of others...even when you do not agree or understand.....be open to LISTEN.
  • Express your feelings in responsible ways that serve you and all you love, as well as people you do not know.
  • Get help and seek support and guidance when your feelings and emotions feel like a volcano....getting out of control about people, places and things.
  • Have some people in your life that you can have as a strong social support network.....people you can share and debate with.
  • Recognize that you ALWAYS bring YOU in the room, so be open to continual personal growth
  • Stay far away from any NEGATIVITY that changes your emotional stability-OR- Acts as a trigger for bad choices and behaviors.
  • Learn new things about LIFE.
  • Find a Spiritual path that you can believe and open your spirit to.
In closing, I will share some very LOVING words from my mother who always told me......"GOD loves YOU....so do not worry about the PEOPLE....When you fall down....get back up...kick the dust....then take your next step forward to LEARN, GROW AND PROSPER. Emotional Wellness follows when we take deliberate action!!


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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that will help me and the World learn about the importance of SELF CARE! So, in 2016, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness monthly about Massage and Wellness!!
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog with your circle of people you LOVE & CARE about.....so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD......You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Bradley, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio


In the LOVE month.....I just wanted to talk about why it is very important to have a daily Meditation time to love self!  Meditation can be used very effectively to quiet all the racing thoughts....that mind noise that runs through our thoughts daily making us feel stress and anxiety.  Everyday, we are bombarded with things we should be doing.....places we should be going.....status that we absolutely need to "get in where you fit in". Society has conditioned humans to believe that if you are not following the standards that they create......you are a FAILURE!!  We know that is just not true......BUT...yet and still, we are constantly comparing ourselves to the unrealistic standards. This is where a Meditation Love Session can become your favorite buddy!!

Meditation is quieting the Mind Noise and allowing the brain to be still and take a break. It is not Prayer nor does it have anything to do with Religion. There is no better way to reduce stress, nervousness and anxiety than by having a daily Meditation Love Session.  Meditation is a powerful  tool that makes the racing thoughts come to a stop and not move the body into a stressful state of mind!!  It is a relief of the mind that is so sweet that once you start doing it on a regular basis, you will wonder why you have not been doing it all along!! It is a way that you can start to give yourself the unconditional LOVE from the inside out.  Here is just a really easy way to learn to have a Meditation Love Session with yourself:

1- Find a quiet space where you can have some time for yourself- all you need to start is 15 minutes a day.

2- Light a candle and some incense which is very helpful to focus your mind and calm the brain.

3- In your mind, call this time your Meditation Love Session-where you are going to pamper yourself with unconditional self love.

4- Stay focused on the candle and begin to build a reserve of love on the inside with conscious self care-It is very good for you!

5- Ask yourself the question....Am I breathing? Start focusing on breathing in thru your nose and out of your mouth-soft and easy. In the beginning your mind will fight you to keep spinning with thoughts, but just keep listening to yourself breathe and when the thoughts try to fly in....Ask yourself the question again. As your mind calms down you will be able to hear your breathing get louder because the mind noise is at rest.....that is how you know that you are quieting the mind noise.

6- Take some time while you are breathing to reflect of the things that you are Grateful for in your life while breathing in.

7- While you are exhaling thru your mouth-blow out all negativity that gets on your nerves each day.

8- Continue breathing in and out......watching the white light in the candle and smelling the incense. They are designed to keep you in the present moment.

9- Before closing out your Meditation Love Session- Reflect on what you are doing to become a powerful source of TRUE LOVE to yourself.

10- Close the Meditation Love Session by being thankful for the opportunity to be conscious about slowing your mind noise down, reducing your stress and taking the time to be in love with YOU!



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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that will help me and the World learn about the importance of SELF CARE! So, in 2016, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness monthly about Massage and Wellness!!
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog with your circle of people you LOVE & CARE about.....so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD......You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Bradley, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio


First, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that everyone who reads and shares this Blog will prosper in Mind, Body and Spirit!! That is my intention and focus for 2016.  I am feeling a renewed energy, but wanted to explore ways that will keep me on my life journey with continued EXCITEMENT!!  When I was doing my research, I came across a modality called Reiki, which I have followed for many years and decided to fully engage myself in learning, so that I could possibly incorporate it into my practice.  So, I did some in depth research and then finally decided I had to have a open mind and explore the Pros and Cons of Reiki by taking the Reiki Practitioner training.  I can honestly say that I see the value of Reiki, now more than ever.  I plan to use it in my Massage Practice as a separate modality for both the Massage and Wellness areas, but in a way that I believe will have the best affect for my Clients.  This is what I found in my research and training......

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a word from the Japanese language, meaning “Guided Life Force Energy.”



Life energy, which makes up our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, tends to be in all living things and connects us all. We all have places in our energy which become unbalanced, due to our very chaotic lifestyles and the extreme "fit in" conditioning in our society. We can be off balance due to stress, disease, pain, or emotional blocks, that leave us confused and weary about the future.

A Reiki Practitioner offers this life force energy to you thru entrainment which allows you to receive new energy where you are off balance, to help your body heal itself and rejuvenate.

Reiki does not require any religious belief in order to be effective. Being open to trying Reiki is all you need.

Reiki is not Meditation, Massage or Prayer. It is also not a Religion. But the one thing we can mostly all agree on, Practitioners and Clients alike, Reiki heals in ways that are simply hard to explain. 

Reiki isa calming and effective holistic technique for effortlessly receiving the life force energy you need to restore your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. That is what I love most about the Reiki modality. 

Is Reiki Science or Hype?

Reiki is a therapy based on the electromagnetic biofield, or a type of energy field that “regulates everything from our cellular function to our nervous system,” says Shamini Jain, ​assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California–San Diego. 

While the biofield itself is generally accepted – it “consists of things that we can measure like electromagnetic energy that actually emanates from us,” Jain says – biofield therapies such as Reiki and therapeutic touch are more controversial​ because they’re based on the idea of a “subtle” aspect of the biofield,​ which is harder to measure.

“It’s difficult for our Western science to wrap its mind around” because it’s not about popping pills, injecting needles or otherwise altering the body’s chemical composition, says Jain, a clinical psychologist who studies Integrative Medicine.​

Closing Thoughts....

In closing, although Reiki has its critics and to date no known medical risks, I want to be very clear it is not a substitute for conventional medicine, it is complementary and integrative medicine.​

BUT....The reason that I decided to add Reiki into my practice is, I am now convinced that Reiki, like Therapeutic Massage Therapy makes a positive, calming contribution to one's overall health and wellness! 

Most important, Reiki seems to bring clarity and peace of mind to people when they relax, open up and believe that healing truly begins within!! In a world that is so chaotic and a culture of "Do or Die", calming peace within can aid the Mind, Body and Spirit to a higher level of consciousness, where all healing prospers!  When you experience that balance of peace of mind, everything else on one's life journey is possible!! And that is what I LOVE about Reiki......PEACE OF MIND!!


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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that I did not know....but learned and found the truth! So, In 2015, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness monthly about
Massage and Wellness
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....
Share this Blog so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD. You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Inegbenebo, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio


This month, I want to take some time to address Wellness and what it really means to be....PROSPEROUS!!

It often seems that life can really beat you down and kick you like you are in the Boxing Ring with a Champion Kickboxer!!  All your dreams seem to be so far away or appear unreachable. Then you have those situations where it is very hard to know the TRUTH from a LIE. One day you can be on top of the world and everything LOOKS great, going just fine.....then in a matter of an instance you just get ROCKED to your very core!!!
Have you ever felt like that???
I have and it is not a good feeling and very hard to recover and get back on your feet!

SO, I want you to take a different outlook on what is happening for you and I want to give a spiritual context on what it means to be PROSPEROUS. I realize I may be overstepping my bounds as a Practitioner, but I will offer my disclaimer here, that this is just my humble opinion of the "reality" of what those bumps in the road really mean.

First, I would like to share what it means for me to PROSPER! I have seen very rich people who are totally miserable and have all the money in the world, however, still cannot seem to "Get it together"! On the flip side, I have been with the poorest of the poor who gave of their life to offer a kind word and give you the shirt off their back who looked like they had it all!!

My definition of PROSPER has changed and I am very happy that it has.  Prosper now means balance in my MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. They all have to be in tune!! I like that definition because as simple as it sounds...it is hard to reach sometimes. But, now it means that I have to stay focused on my life and what I am doing to move forward daily. It is not dependent on my financial status or my BLING!! It comes from someone much BIGGER and GREATER than I!  Know this....what you experience, has happened to strengthen you!!! It is your job to discover what the lesson from the experience is suppose to be.....and IF you have not reached your GOALS, what is left for you to get over the next hurdle and get there. IT IS A JOURNEY full of lessons to get to feel in your heart that you are truly

In closing, to prosper means when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel balanced about your life....and if that is not the case, you know that there is someone bigger and greater than YOU that LOVES YOU and will keep you in training until you understand what your footprint here on earth is suppose to be!! The "hard knock" life is not to break you but to REFINE you!!  Anything valuable has to be refined over time....think....diamonds and pearls...they are not created over night!!! Get to know that GOD knows what you are going thru and will be there to protect you whether you are having a fantastic day or a treacherous day!!  Know that GOD's word is simple and basic. Sometimes, it seems it is so basic that we begin as humans to write our own Cliff Notes
on what we want it to be!!
Allow HOPE, LOVE, PEACE, PROTECTION....and most important TRUTH to embrace you and lead you to a better LIFE!!


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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that I did not know....but learned! So, In 2015, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness monthly about
Massage and Wellness
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....
Share this Blog so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD. You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Inegbenebo, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio
After a very difficult and trying year in 2014, I am sure you are wondering why the gap in Blog posts? Never would I imagine that I would be telling my very own story of healing and wellness!!
First, let me say that in 2014, it is clear to me that my GOD was looking out for me because it was a tough year and I did not think I was going to make it to 2015. My first big emotional smack was when I lost my very best friend from childhood after she suddenly suffered a severe heart attack. Never in a million years did I think that I would not be sharing my retirement years without her. We had always talked about what we would be doing and we always said it was going to be rocking chairs and umbrella drinks in the sun!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss her wake up call each morning. Unbelievable! Then, within a few months, my favorite 97 year old aunt died after being sick with pneumonia. She was my inspiration and always had a good pep talk for me. Way too much emotionally for me to take in!! However, that was not the end, several high school friends died suddenly and a college friend committed suicide!
Stop the MADNESS!!
But, it did not stop there....I got STOPPED IN MY TRACKS in May 2014. While traveling to Nigeria in December 2013, to get married and host a Wellness event about Diabetes, I noticed that my feet were swelling so much so, I could not wear the beautiful wedding stiletto shoes that I searched for to match my gown perfectly. I was upset that I had to wear flip flops, but I attributed the swelling to the hot weather in Nigeria......like 110 degrees in the shade! I had a wonderful time in Nigeria....a new world to me! The Nigerian people were very loving and kind. My husband introduced me to his family who treated me like royalty and are now a part of my family! I had a wonderful time, but I had to wear flip flops for the rest of my vacation and business events. After I journeyed back home, I noticed that the swelling did not go down, but once again, I attributed it to being on my feet at my Massage Studio....it got very busy because I had been in Nigeria! Well, the long and short of this story is that the swelling did not go down....it got worse! My feet do not normally swell so I decided that I needed to see my primary care doctor. Remember I said I got stopped in my tracks? I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer with complications of 2 clots that had traveled to both lungs!! I had to have surgery but it was delayed due to the clots for over a month which included a week in the hospital laying very still while the clots were being treated. Finally, after my surgery, I was told that two large masses were removed.....a basketball and a grapefruit and I would need to have aggressive chemotherapy. WOW.........WAS I SCARED!!
Why am I telling all my business in this Blog post? Because I hope that I can help someone else who is down and out....look up with HOPE!!! My life was shaken to the core in 2014 and I want everyone reading this to know that Wellness does not happen on its own! I had to tune into my health and wellness. I also had to tune in and listen to what was going on with my body and what my medical team was advising!! Last, but certainly not least, I had to go to a place of spiritual connection because my human side was emotionally exhausted and I was very scared! It was in that zone that my thoughts went from negative and scared to spiritually powerful and positive!
I heard a whisper and truth be told....
I really had no where else to go.....
I was already in panic mode!!
Now, I am six months in as a cancer SURVIVOR! The amazing BLESSING is I know that this was much bigger than me as a human being....
and the power of what do I do NOW!
So, I want to leave you with some prayerful tips:
STEP ONE: Make sure you stay on top of negative thoughts that make you fearful and scared. Research reports that human beings have about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Fear will paralyze you and make you think doom and gloom.....all day long.
Stay positive and tuned into how your thoughts are flowing.....
STEP TWO:  Positive thoughts may be hard to develop, but zone in and redirect what is swimming in your head....making sure to filter and say positive words....out loud if need be, to keep your mind on track that positive is the only word patterns you need and accept. You will be surprised how defeating thoughts will flood your brain....but fight back!!
This is were Meditation and Prayer become very helpful. Tune in spiritually and know that your GOD has a plan for your LIFE!
STEP THREE:  Understand that we live in a different world that tends to be sick on many levels, so you will need to work hard to invent thoughts that keep you centered and focused on living in a positive space. This may require you to get rid of the old and gather the new....that may be getting rid of negative people and reaching for positive environments where you can have peace of mind!
This is where your support system of positive people help! I call them Prayer Warriors and Angels.
STEP FOUR: Once you start turning the page to life anew, realize that YOU can have Wellness on many levels once you surrender what you have no control over. That includes a diagnosis you feel overpowered by.  Life and the new chapters of life will begin to unfold when you heal and take control over what you can change now....stay in the moment.....do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow....
Stay in the moment of time which is HERE AND NOW. This is where you may want to start a Journal that you write in everyday about things that make you feel good or what you are grateful for....
or things you have survived or overcome!
STEP FIVE: If you see a change in your body or become sick, know that the human body is intelligent and being sick is the warning sign! The biochemistry in the human body sends many alerts to let you know something is going wrong....sometimes we overlook warning signs because we are much to busy with life. Tune in and consider it a wake up call! Tune in and take action because you are being given a gift and a lesson that may be trying to teach you or show you something is wrong and needs care and attention right now.  It does not matter if the change is in your Mind, Body or Spirit.  Wellness is that journey you get to try to figure out with your Doctor and heal it. Not all Doctors are medical! Emotional wounds can tear you down as well. Hmmm! Take action quickly on the lessons that the mind, body and spirit are showing! This is where your courage becomes your driving force....take a chance and use it!!!
In closing, my life has dramatically changed from being stopped in my tracks and I feel blessed to be able to tell the story.  My outlook on life is totally different now. I am seeing life with new eyes! I hope my lesson of the swollen feet and this Blog post will inspire you towards daily WELLNESS!
I hope to see you at The Wellness Journey Studio soon! I am including the Studio website and my email contact:


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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that I did not know....but learned! So, this year I am going to make it my business to share awareness monthly about
Massage and Wellness
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD. You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Bradley, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio

This month, I want to share with you some interesting things that are coming out about the food industry.  There is a strong possibility that the big food corporations are intentionally making our food supply toxic!!  Did you know that corporations may be trying to make you addicted to their brands....and it is not just with commercials??? WOW! Read this article from Dr. Mark Hyman, who was one of my Professor Experts when I was in Nutrition school.  I love his research because he always does his homework.  Judge for yourself and tell me what you think.  It seems that the Fed Up Truth, according to Dr. Hyman is revealing what every Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather.....and so on and so on....should KNOW!!  I just want to make you aware....the article is long, but I encourage you to read it all the way to the end because the information may be affecting someone you truly LOVE!!!
According to Dr. Hyman, In a stunning review of the new film FED UP — one that draws the undeniable links between the food industry, sugar and the obesity epidemic — the New York Times offered a disturbing observation: The dietary recommendations for weight loss coming from both the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Beverage Association (formerly known as the American Soda Pop Association) are based on the same scientifically unfounded dietary advice. Should we be concerned? Absolutely! Should we be fed up? You bet!
The oversimplified notion that all calories are the same is the mantra espoused by both our government and the food industry. Yet any 5 grader can understand than 1,000 calories of soda will have profoundly different effects on the body than 1,000 calories of broccoli.Sugar calories act differently than fat or protein calories in the body. Sugar calories drive food addiction, storage of belly fat, inflammation, fatty liver (which has now replaced hepatitis as the number one reason for liver transplant). They also disrupt appetite control, increasing hunger and promoting overeating, and are biologically addictive. And sugar calories are the major contributor to heart attacks, strokes, cancer, dementia and type 2 diabetes.But Big Food is hell bent on confusing us with misinformation, propaganda and lies.  Even before Fed Up hit theaters May 9, the food industry was hard at work and running fast to confuse the issue.  At the head of the pack are the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) and The Sugar Association. The GMA put up a website a few days before the movie launched and bought up Google ads for “Fed Up” that directed people to their propaganda website, www.fedupfacts.com — a site that purports to set the record straight.To the average reader, their “facts” may seem to refute many of the film’s central arguments, and call into question its considerable evidence that Big Food has been complicit in the obesity epidemic.  The site even offers have a “Take Action” section where you can “share” the facts with your social networks. Here’s the tweet they suggest you share with your friends:“Seen “Fed Up?” Head to fedupfacts.com and get the real story about America’s food industry.”  But before you hit that “send” button, let’s take a closer look at the facts embedded in their “true or false” quiz:
Quiz item #1: Food companies have caused the obesity rate to “skyrocket.”
Food Industry Lie:False”  They say, “Over the last decade, childhood obesity rates have dropped by as much as 43 percent, and obesity rates overall have plateaued.”
Fed Up Truth: True  One study found a 43 percent decrease in 2 to 5 year olds, while every other age group showed an increase or no change. The first question we should ask is, why the heck are there obese 2 to 5 year olds in the first place? But here’s the real truth. Obesity rates in children have more than tripled since the 1970s. And when the original study data that supposedly showed the decrease was re-analyzed by researchers from North Carolina, it showed no change in obesity rates in 2 to 5 year olds. Because this time, the researchers looked at all the data instead of taking a small slice that showed an anomaly. Here’s an example of how the food industry (and the government) directly contribute to the obesity epidemic. The poor are disproportionately affected by obesity, yet the food industry vigorously opposes any efforts to limit the use of food stamps for soda. Every year the U.S. government pays for $4 billion of soda for the poor (10 billion servings a year) on the front end, and then pay billions more on the back end through Medicaid and Medicare to pay for the health consequences related to obesity and diabetes.
Quiz item #2: School nutrition budgets have been cut and given way to fast food.
Food Industry Lie: “False.”The GMA points to the new Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act as evidence that they are in support of improving school lunches. The bill provides for additional funding of school lunches. The bill also ensures that more fruits and veggies will be offered, more food will have whole grains (whole-grain Cookie Crisp cereal anyone?), eliminates full-fat milk options, reduces calories and saturated, trans fats, and salt. Of course, nowhere was the limiting of sugar mentioned in the bill. Nor did the bill seem to reflect the current scientific evidence that full-fat dairy is likely healthier for kids than low-fat or skim.
Fed Up Truth: True  The movie, in fact, states there was an increase in school budgets. But how much? The bill provides for an additional six cents a day per lunch, the first increase in decades!Due to Democratic, Republican and food industry opposition, many of the most important provisions were left out of the final bill. Congress still counts pizza and French fries as vegetables! More importantly, the bill didn’t address the fact that 50 percent of schools serve brand name fast food, including Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, McDonald’s and more. And 80 percent of schools have contracts with beverage companies, making them dependent on their funding for sports and other school programs. Is this consistent with “healthy, hunger-free kids”?
Quiz item #3:The food and beverage industry voluntarily removed all full-calorie soft drinks from schools in 2006.
Food Industry Lie: “True”  Here’s what the food industry has to say: “In 2006, beverage makers voluntarily removed full-calorie sodas from schools, agreeing to serve only bottled water, low-fat and nonfat milk, and 100 percent fruit juice in servings no bigger than eight ounces. Serving sizes would increase to 10 ounces in middle school. In high school, low-calorie juice drinks, sports drinks and diet sodas would be permitted; serving sizes would be limited to 12 ounces.”
Fed Up Truth: False  Big food (Pepsi and Coke), points to their grand initiative of taking sodas out of schools. Sounds good. But lets examine the facts. Why did they do that? Was it really “voluntary?” Hardly. They were already in the middle of litigation aimed at forcing them to take sodas out of schools. When they saw an opportunity to stand next to President Clinton and his Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and to come across as solid corporate citizens rather than come across as bad guys in court, they simply chose the better PR opportunity! And what about the drinks they left in the schools? They are only slightly less dangerous to health: Sugary juices filled with high fructose corn syrup, sports drinks, “Vitamin Water” and diet drinks. The average bottle of Vitamin Water has 33 grams (8 teaspoons) of sugar, slightly less than a 12-ounce Coke (39 grams). In fact, Coke was sued over its advertising of Vitamin Water as a healthy drink.  Plus, diet sodas cause obesity and diabetes too! So the low- or no-calorie options are not something to brag about!We wouldn’t allow vending machines with cigarettes in schools, so why would we allow vending machines with addictive sugary and chemical-laden drinks that are proven to cause childhood obesity?  Tom Freiden, MD, the current director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has publicly stated that we should have no products in schools or government-funded institutions that promote disease. He goes further to say we should restrict zoning to eliminate fast food and convenience stores anywhere near schools.  If we don’t allow drug pushers on the schoolyard, why do we allow foods that drive addiction and disease that now affect 40 percent of our children?
Quiz item #4: The food industry purposely advertises unhealthy foods to children.
Food Industry Lie: “False” The food industry points to efforts to reduce junk-food advertising to kids. Under the threat of regulation, they have made some insignificant tweaks.Fed Up Truth: TrueThe fact remains that the average kid sees over 2,000 ads per year (some see up to 10,000 ads) for highly processed, sugary junk food and fast food. And the food industry spends between $2 and $10 billion per year advertising junk to kids. According to the Institute of Medicine’s report on food marketing to children, the average child under 8 years old can’t distinguish between ads and real life, and the average two year old can identify brand name junk food in grocery stores. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on food marketing to kids calls out the food industry’s practices of product placement on social media, kids toys, games, songs, movies, celebrity endorsements and happy meals. Worse are the stealth practices on Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth campaigns, text messaging and the Internet.Over 50 countries regulate food marketing to children. The Institute of Medicine concludes that, if the industry does not change its practices voluntarily, “Congress should enact legislation mandating the shift.”
Quiz item#5: Since 2002, America’s food industry has introduced more than 20,000 new healthier product choices.
Food Industry Lie: “True” Yes, it is true that the food industry has introduced more products they claim are healthier, mostly as the result of dialing up or down certain ingredients in highly processed junk foods. But these are still junk foods. As I say in the movie, “If you make junk food a little less junky, its still junk!”
Fed Up Truth: False  Big Food cut out some calories, trans fats, salt, and sugar. But let’s take a closer look. If you make a Pop Tart with 10 less calories and a little less sugar or fat, it is still a Pop Tart. If Oreo cookies have 150 instead of 160 calories per serving, is that real progress or just good marketing? These products are still full of sugar, bad fats and processed ingredients. The basic rule to follow is that if a food has a health claim on the label it is probably bad for you. Avocados and apples don’t have ingredient lists. Stick with real food.And as far as trans fat goes, the FDA recently ruled that trans fats were no longer considered safe as food additives. Previously, they required labeling of trans fat, but the food industry lobby ensured that if a product had less than half a gram of trans fat per serving, it could say “zero” trans fat on the label. Take Cool Whip for example. It says “zero” trans fat on the nutrition label, but the ingredient list states: water, hydrogenated fat (trans fat), and high fructose corn syrup. There are scores of other misleading food industry manipulations and food health claims that are harmful.  And there is one more scary truth. Coca Cola sells 1 billion cans of Coke around the world every single day. They include healthier products in their portfolio for the appearance of doing good, while their main business is still selling sugar water in every corner of the globe except for North Korea and Cuba!
Quiz item #6: The food industry obscures important nutrition information on food labels.
Food Industry Lie: “False” The Grocery Manufacturers of America and the Food Marketing Institute have voluntarily created new guidelines to “police” themselves. That’s like the fox guarding the henhouse. Do we really think they will create guidelines that will hurt their profits? Can we trust their “Facts Up Front,” or “Nutrition Keys” efforts to “clarify” food choices for consumers?
Fed Up Truth: True  The $1 trillion food industry is smart and stealthy. It co-opts consumer concerns and has preempted efforts by the government and the Institute of Medicine to come up with new food labeling guidelines. In a scathing analysis of the dubious food industry practices published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the authors pointed out the industries new nutrition guidelines allowed for “Smart Choices” labels to be placed on Fruit Loops and Cocoa Krispies. Really? State legislatures litigated and forced them to stop this new and improved “Smart Choices” guideline.The FDA has come up with new labeling guidelines forcing companies to put “added sugar” on the label. They also will remove “calories from fat” because fat is not the enemy we thought, and they will clearly report the total calories in a package (not just calories per serving when no one actually shares at 20 ounce soda). This is progress, but it stops far short of easy-to-understand, intelligent labels. How about the stop-light system used in Europe? Green means good for you. Yellow means eat with caution and red means eat at your own risk. Shouldn’t a can of Coke have a warning label that states: When used as directed, will cause obesity, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes and dementia?
Quiz item #7: Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign has done little to encourage healthy eating habits.
Food Industry Lie: “False”  Michelle Obama has, in fact, done much to bring awareness and important initiatives to curb the spread of childhood obesity. The food industry’s website is correct in stating: Let’s Move! has helped millions of Americans eat healthier and be more active. First Lady Michelle Obama launched an initiative to put 6,000 salad bars into schools. The “Chefs Move to Schools” program, launched by Let’s Move! in 2010, partners schools with chefs around the country to collaboratively educate students about food and healthy eating.” I agree with all of this. But is it enough?
Fed Up Truth: True (sort of)  The unfortunate message implicit in Let’s Move!  is that the key to solving this epidemic is to get kids to get up and run around and play. It is true that movement is is critically important to health and wellbeing. The average kid spends 7 hours a day in front of a screen, and such sedentary habits are directly correlated with both poor health and obesity. But exercise alone isn’t going to solve the problem.  Here’s the sad truth: You have to walk for 4.5 miles to burn off one twenty ounce soda, or run 4 miles a day for one whole week to burn off on supersize meal. You simply can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.  What Mrs. Obama originally meant by “Let’s Move” was “let’s take action on this issue.” What the food industry heard was “it’s all about exercise.” The program should have been called, “Let’s Eat Real Food and Let’s Move!”  The mantra of energy balance and “calories in/calories out” implicitly blames the fat person. The suggestion is, “If you weren’t a lazy glutton you could lose weight.”  At first, Michelle Obama came out guns blazing and focusing on food. But under pressure from the food lobby, she dialed back that message significantly. One of the most telling scenes in Fed Up is when she announces her partnership with food industry giants to take 1.5 trillion calories out of the food supply (that’s about 14 calories a person per day or about a bite of food). The First Lady looks dejected and depressed. She said we shouldn’t blame anyone, not parents or the food industry. But when the facts are so clear, we must hold to account those responsible for producing and marketing the products that are killing our children. In a recent conversation I had with a former Secretary of Agriculture — a man who wanted to make real changes but found himself thwarted — he lamented how even the head of our government’s food-policy-making institute could not implement changes because of the lock the food industry lobby and money has on Congress and the White House.
Quiz item #8: Today’s generation of kids will live shorter life spans than their parents.
Food Industry Lie: “False”  The food industry’s “Fed Up Facts” website claims that kids born today will live longer than their parents. Is this true? The assertion is based on a U.S. Census report, but Harvard scientists think otherwise. According to the CDC, reliable data suggests that by 2050, one in two Americans will be obese, and one in three will have type 2 diabetes.  Is this really consistent with kids being born today living longer? Hardly.
Fed Up Truth: True  In a detailed scientific analysis published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a group of respected scientists looked at all the data affecting projected life span and concluded that this is the first generation of Americans that will live sicker and die younger than their parents.
Quiz item #9: The food industry has removed 6.4 trillion calories from the U.S. marketplace since 2007.
Food Industry Lie: “True” Has the food industry voluntarily reduced calories in food? Yes. But does it matter? Heck no! Certain calories make you fat. Sugar calories. Soda is the tobacco of the 21 century.The food industry is smart. They hijack the conversation, making claims about doing the right thing and creating a healthier America, when in fact they are up to their same old dirty tricks. Instead of making meaningful changes, they confuse and confound the public with impressive-sounding numbers that little or no impact on the root causes of obesity and chronic disease.
Fed Up Truth: FalseThe food industry created the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a front group that focuses on “energy balance,” espousing the scientifically disproven mantra that a calorie is a calorie and that simply reducing overall calories will solve our obesity and chronic disease problem.  Who is part of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation? By now you can probably guess. It is headed by the CEO of Pepsi and the Grocery Manufacturers of America and includes Kraft, Nestle, Mars, General Mills, Coca Cola, Kellogg, Hershey’s and more.  The problems is not only that we need to eat fewer calories, which many of us do, the problem is that sugar calories act differently in the body, triggering food addiction, increasing hunger, promoting belly fat storage, slowing metabolism and increasing the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Pulling 10 calories out of a Yoplait yogurt (which has more sugar than two and a half Krispy Kreme donuts) is not progress, it is food industry manipulation — manipulation that makes the problem worse by hoodwinking consumers into believing they are doing something good for themselves and their families.  If you want to know who is telling the truth, go to see the film, Fed Up, at a theatre near you, and then decide for yourself. Don’t believe the food industry propaganda.
Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD
In closing, I want Wellness to be our new frontier...Mind, Body and Spirit!  This article was earth shaking for me, so I want to share it with ALL the people I truly care about!  Yes!...That would be YOU!!


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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that I did not know....but learned! So, this year I am going to make it my business to share awareness monthly about
Massage and Wellness
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD. You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Bradley, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio

DID YOU KNOW........THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE THERAPY HELPS?As Mother's Day comes along this weekend, I want to share that this is a special day totally dedicated to Mothers!! Mothers play many different roles, but most important, in my opinion...Mothers usually always help!! Think of a time when your mother offered you help...whether she gave inspiring words or gave you in your face advice....Mothers always want to HELP!!
In loving memory of my mother, Mary Elizabeth Baker, I want to share this month's Blog and relate it to how good Massage Therapy, like good Mothers, helps to make you feel better!  Evidence is showing that the more massage you can allow yourself, the better you'll feel. Here's why..... 
We now have scientific proof of the benefits of massage - benefits ranging from treating chronic diseases and injuries to alleviating the growing stress of our modern lifestyles. Having a massage does more than just relax your body and mind - there are specific physiological and psychological changes that help the body. Even more so when massage is utilized to help prevent disease, massage therapy is not simply mere luxury. Massage not only feels good, but it can help cure what ails you. Massage is a perfect elixir for good health, but it can also provide an integration of body and mind. By producing a meditative state or heightened awareness, sometimes known as a "runner's high" of living in the present moment, massage can provide emotional and spiritual balance, bringing with it help that promotes relaxation and peace within your mind, body and spirit!
What is massage? Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments in a skilled format.  There are many different types of massage, including the following most common types:
  • Swedish Massage= This is a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize you.
  • Deep Tissue Massage= This massage technique uses slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, to help with muscle injuries.
  • Sports Massage= This is similar to Swedish massage, but it's geared toward people involved in sport activities to help prevent or treat injuries.
  • Trigger Point Massage= This massage focuses on areas of tight muscle fibers(known as knots) that can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse.
The Consequences of Stress....
Experts estimate that 80 percent to 90 percent of disease is stress-related. Massage and bodywork is there to combat that frightening number by helping us remember what it means to relax. The physical changes massage brings to your body can have a positive effect in many areas of your life. Besides increasing relaxation and decreasing anxiety, massage lowers your blood pressure, increases circulation, improves recovery from injury, helps you to sleep better and can increase your concentration. It reduces fatigue and gives you more energy to handle stressful situations.
In closing....Therapeutic Massage Therapy helps your mind, body and spirit!!


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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that I did not know....but learned! So, this year I am going to make it my business to share awareness monthly about
Massage and Wellness
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD. You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Bradley, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio

 I have suffered a very hard emotional loss in the past week, suddenly losing my best friend.  My emotional rollercoaster has left me vulnerable and shaken to my core.  I had to go deeper and really use what I call my "GOD time" to take a look at what is going to be a part of my life journey that I am not ready to explore.  Now, I feel charged and want to seek out and find what my life on earth is really suppose to be about and find a way to tune into my personal calling.  I define one's personal calling as those dreams, hopes and aspirations that GOD really has chosen you to attend to in your daily living.  So, I have decided after reading articles by Deepak Chopra and Russell Simmons, to explore what Meditation is really all about.
What I did know was that Meditation is that quiet place you go to, to redefine your thoughts and your actions....at least that is how I have defined it for myself.  I use Meditation in my massage practice  with my clients by having them do some deep breathing at the beginning and end of their massage because I know that it lowers the heart rate and produces calm within the human body. But,  I really want to explore Meditation as a tool that will enlighten and uplift, so I went digging to see what the experts have to say.  Deepak Chopra and Russell Simmons have long been advocates for Meditation and that was good enough for me as they are both very successful and prosperous!
According to Deepak Chopra, Life is a story we weave together from the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we experience each moment. He reports that we live the majority of our life in the memories of our past and the expectations of the future. Rarely do we live in the purity of the present. These past memories and future expectations that we embrace throughout the course of our lives are what breed the stresses we feel in each day. Deepak Chopra believes the practice of meditation, allows us to experience a connection to our own voice and source. With this experience, we realize that we are not the patterns and eddies of desire and memory that flow and swirl in our mind and consciousness.  Through meditation, we gradually bring harmony, laughter, and love back into our soul and, in the process, rediscover our unconditioned self, which can never really be lost. He goes on to say that by gently washing away the stress, tension, fear, and confusion that often accompany one who is at the crossroads, we can regain our connection to a calmer, more peaceful life. And from that moment on, a life filled with joy, harmony, balance, and peace is ours for the asking.
Russell Simmons has a new book titled......Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple. As the title suggests, it is a very straight forward, easy to digest guide on how to get past whatever misconceptions or apprehensions you might have about meditation and learn how to use this simple yet incredibly effective modality as a tool for better living.  He strongly states to those who question whether Meditation "works," or whether it's "for them," the break down of some of the most obvious benefits and ways Meditation will change your life.
•  It will let you do twice the work in half the time. When you meditate, you become less distracted and more focused. And when the distractions are gone, it will make you more productive and efficient on what you're doing. 
• It's going to make you less anxious. On an emotional level, so much of our anxiety comes from that tendency of getting entangled in the past and the future. When you use meditation to help you live in the moment, so much of that anxiety just washes away.
• It will help you become more balanced. In today's world, we're encouraged to get amped up over so called "victories" and by extension get depressed over our so called "failures." But we don't have to spend our lives on this emotional roller coaster rushing between the highs of  "triumph" and the lows of "defeat." When we become still through meditation, we realize that everything we do has value, that every moment we're breathing is a miracle. And if we can carry even a little bit of that truth with us out of our meditation and into our day, we'll be so much more content and happy.
• It is going to make you feel more connected. Now in a world dominated by social media and communication, you might say, "Why do I have to be even more connected?" Russell Simmons  answer is that as much as we love tools like Twitter or texting, they don't promote true connectedness. But when you sit in silence everyday, you begin to realize just how much you have in common with not just other people, but all the living creatures on this beautiful earth. That knowledge makes you more compassionate.  And compassionate people are happy people.
• Meditation is going to make you healthier. It's going to lower your blood pressure, which is a condition that makes so many people needlessly ill. It's going to make you less stressed, which we know is a killer. If you struggle with insomnia, it's going to help you sleep better.  

In closing, research is now showing that Meditation is also a great tool to fight addiction and recovery. As well help you eat healthier and in smaller portions.
How do we start using Meditation?
All you need to do to access the benefits....is to sit in silence for 20 minutes twice a day. As a Massage Therapist, I like to use deep breathing in thru the nose and out the mouth because it makes you stay focused....even when your mind wants to wander....breathing makes you zone in and stay tuned in because you can stay focused on hearing your breath. 
 Well, I am going to start using this practice daily and I hope you will do the same! Give me some feedback and comments on what you think of this tool.