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As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that I did not know....but learned and found the truth! So, In 2015, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness monthly about
Massage and Wellness
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....
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"When you FEEL GOOD. You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Inegbenebo, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio


This month, I want to take some time to address Wellness and what it really means to be....PROSPEROUS!!

It often seems that life can really beat you down and kick you like you are in the Boxing Ring with a Champion Kickboxer!!  All your dreams seem to be so far away or appear unreachable. Then you have those situations where it is very hard to know the TRUTH from a LIE. One day you can be on top of the world and everything LOOKS great, going just fine.....then in a matter of an instance you just get ROCKED to your very core!!!
Have you ever felt like that???
I have and it is not a good feeling and very hard to recover and get back on your feet!

SO, I want you to take a different outlook on what is happening for you and I want to give a spiritual context on what it means to be PROSPEROUS. I realize I may be overstepping my bounds as a Practitioner, but I will offer my disclaimer here, that this is just my humble opinion of the "reality" of what those bumps in the road really mean.

First, I would like to share what it means for me to PROSPER! I have seen very rich people who are totally miserable and have all the money in the world, however, still cannot seem to "Get it together"! On the flip side, I have been with the poorest of the poor who gave of their life to offer a kind word and give you the shirt off their back who looked like they had it all!!

My definition of PROSPER has changed and I am very happy that it has.  Prosper now means balance in my MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. They all have to be in tune!! I like that definition because as simple as it sounds...it is hard to reach sometimes. But, now it means that I have to stay focused on my life and what I am doing to move forward daily. It is not dependent on my financial status or my BLING!! It comes from someone much BIGGER and GREATER than I!  Know this....what you experience, has happened to strengthen you!!! It is your job to discover what the lesson from the experience is suppose to be.....and IF you have not reached your GOALS, what is left for you to get over the next hurdle and get there. IT IS A JOURNEY full of lessons to get to feel in your heart that you are truly

In closing, to prosper means when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel balanced about your life....and if that is not the case, you know that there is someone bigger and greater than YOU that LOVES YOU and will keep you in training until you understand what your footprint here on earth is suppose to be!! The "hard knock" life is not to break you but to REFINE you!!  Anything valuable has to be refined over time....think....diamonds and pearls...they are not created over night!!! Get to know that GOD knows what you are going thru and will be there to protect you whether you are having a fantastic day or a treacherous day!!  Know that GOD's word is simple and basic. Sometimes, it seems it is so basic that we begin as humans to write our own Cliff Notes
on what we want it to be!!
Allow HOPE, LOVE, PEACE, PROTECTION....and most important TRUTH to embrace you and lead you to a better LIFE!!

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