Posted on February 16, 2016 at 7:18 PM
As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that will help me and the World learn about the importance of SELF CARE! So, in 2016, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness monthly about Massage and Wellness!!
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog with your circle of people you LOVE & CARE about.....so each one can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD......You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Bradley, LMT, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio


In the LOVE month.....I just wanted to talk about why it is very important to have a daily Meditation time to love self!  Meditation can be used very effectively to quiet all the racing thoughts....that mind noise that runs through our thoughts daily making us feel stress and anxiety.  Everyday, we are bombarded with things we should be doing.....places we should be going.....status that we absolutely need to "get in where you fit in". Society has conditioned humans to believe that if you are not following the standards that they create......you are a FAILURE!!  We know that is just not true......BUT...yet and still, we are constantly comparing ourselves to the unrealistic standards. This is where a Meditation Love Session can become your favorite buddy!!

Meditation is quieting the Mind Noise and allowing the brain to be still and take a break. It is not Prayer nor does it have anything to do with Religion. There is no better way to reduce stress, nervousness and anxiety than by having a daily Meditation Love Session.  Meditation is a powerful  tool that makes the racing thoughts come to a stop and not move the body into a stressful state of mind!!  It is a relief of the mind that is so sweet that once you start doing it on a regular basis, you will wonder why you have not been doing it all along!! It is a way that you can start to give yourself the unconditional LOVE from the inside out.  Here is just a really easy way to learn to have a Meditation Love Session with yourself:

1- Find a quiet space where you can have some time for yourself- all you need to start is 15 minutes a day.

2- Light a candle and some incense which is very helpful to focus your mind and calm the brain.

3- In your mind, call this time your Meditation Love Session-where you are going to pamper yourself with unconditional self love.

4- Stay focused on the candle and begin to build a reserve of love on the inside with conscious self care-It is very good for you!

5- Ask yourself the question....Am I breathing? Start focusing on breathing in thru your nose and out of your mouth-soft and easy. In the beginning your mind will fight you to keep spinning with thoughts, but just keep listening to yourself breathe and when the thoughts try to fly in....Ask yourself the question again. As your mind calms down you will be able to hear your breathing get louder because the mind noise is at rest.....that is how you know that you are quieting the mind noise.

6- Take some time while you are breathing to reflect of the things that you are Grateful for in your life while breathing in.

7- While you are exhaling thru your mouth-blow out all negativity that gets on your nerves each day.

8- Continue breathing in and out......watching the white light in the candle and smelling the incense. They are designed to keep you in the present moment.

9- Before closing out your Meditation Love Session- Reflect on what you are doing to become a powerful source of TRUE LOVE to yourself.

10- Close the Meditation Love Session by being thankful for the opportunity to be conscious about slowing your mind noise down, reducing your stress and taking the time to be in love with YOU!


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