Posted on July 19, 2016 at 8:25 PM
As a Drugless Practitioner, I want to write about things that will help me and the World learn about the importance of SELF CARE! So, in 2016, I will continue to make it my business to share awareness about Massage and Wellness!!
Just some information that everyone can find interesting, enlightening and/or helpful! If you find it useful....share this Blog with your circle of people you LOVE & CARE about.....so each one,  can reach one!! 
"When you FEEL GOOD......You DO GOOD!"
Denise Baker-Inegbenebo, LMT, HHP, MMP
The Wellness Journey Studio
I think it is important to me, as a Holistic Health Practitioner, to speak truth into the World, that ALL people can breathe in.  In the United States of America, we are suffering thru some turbolent times regarding Race Relations, because in my opinion, WE, the People, have not been able to speak truth about what INJUSTICE really means and how that plays into Emotional Wellness. 
My favorite Orator, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was so eloquent when he stated that.... "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!" But, more profound were his words, when he stated....."We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now!" Globally and Nationally.....this is becoming SO TRUE....WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT NOW!!  I recently posted on Facebook to vent my anger, hurt and sadness about the VIOLENCE taking place across the World, but more close to me, here in the United States. Violence has taken innocent lives.....BLACK AND WHITE!!! SO...As painful as it seems.....NOW, WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT! The Tipping Point is sweeping the country and the rage is degrading the emotional wellness for many people.  I do not want to contribute to the fury taking place and I want to speak my mind and offer a different view!!  The toll of hurt and pain is high and no matter what side you are on, it is time that we individually make a CHOICE to practice and keep our EMOTIONAL WELLNESS in top shape during these times!  It is our choice! So, I want to explore and share with the World, HOW we all can have Mindfullness in our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT during these turbulent times.
When I look at the definition of Emotional Wellness, I choose to define it as that dimension that is focused on wellness which involves putting the mirror up to SELF, developing focused awareness and acceptance of our deepest feelings. When people are considered to be emotionally well people, they are able to express feelings freely, debate with integrity, along with managing those very same feelings effectively by taking a look within, what I like to call...."Putting the Mirror up to SELF".  Emotional Wellness is a state of mind that is PRACTICED, it IS a constant process of individual change and personal growth. When your Emotional Wellness is balanced and in peak formation, you can maintain many different types of relationships, take on and deal with conflict, all the while remaining grounded in your spirit, even during stressful times. You are able to look at yourself and understand your greatness and your weakness....working to make weakness become a strength over time!
Here are some TIPS to practice and explore that enhance emotional wellness:
  • Understand that every person has a different story of their life...good, bad or ugly!
  • Try to walk in the shoes of those less fortunate than yourself...it promotes humility.
  • DO NOT live a life of IGNORANCE. Learn about diverse people.
  • Remember.....Do not LIVE in the PAST.....YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT.
  • LIVE THROUGH YOUR DREAMS....It will take you a long way.
  • Know that everyday is a.....NEW DAY...TO GET IT RIGHT.
  • Take responsibility for your individual behaviors and actions...knowing that all you do may affect many.
  • Learn to be more aware of your feelings through self-reflection, journaling meditation and/or other spiritual practices that serve you well.
  • Accept that your feelings are real....rather than denying them
  • Understand and be open to the feelings of others...even when you do not agree or understand.....be open to LISTEN.
  • Express your feelings in responsible ways that serve you and all you love, as well as people you do not know.
  • Get help and seek support and guidance when your feelings and emotions feel like a volcano....getting out of control about people, places and things.
  • Have some people in your life that you can have as a strong social support network.....people you can share and debate with.
  • Recognize that you ALWAYS bring YOU in the room, so be open to continual personal growth
  • Stay far away from any NEGATIVITY that changes your emotional stability-OR- Acts as a trigger for bad choices and behaviors.
  • Learn new things about LIFE.
  • Find a Spiritual path that you can believe and open your spirit to.
In closing, I will share some very LOVING words from my mother who always told me......"GOD loves YOU....so do not worry about the PEOPLE....When you fall down....get back up...kick the dust....then take your next step forward to LEARN, GROW AND PROSPER. Emotional Wellness follows when we take deliberate action!!

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