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"Denise has a passion for muscle relaxation! You can feel and see her passion during and after your massage when she talks to you about self-care, relaxation and wellness!"

M. Bradley

“I met Denise years before she decided to go to Massage Therapy School. I admired her skill long before she finished school. Now, I am an avid Fan!

I am a happy client and plan to stay that way!"

W. Emerson 

 "I am consistently impressed with her professionalism and passion for massage therapy. I wanted to keep her a secret, but her passion has to be shared with others. Thank you!”

S. Rosenthal

“As an attorney on the go, in this day and age, it’s hard to find a Massage Therapist who is passionate and worthy of your time and trust. I am so happy that her dream is coming to life. Denise was recommended to me, and now I know why – she definitely has skill that is outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

S. Sorenson